Phyllodes tumor vs. Lymphoma

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Phyllodes tumor vs. Lymphoma

Postby prescottjill » Sat Apr 21, 2012 8:16 pm

My name is Jill and I was diagnosed, by biopsy, with a small fibroadenoma last March. I was told then that I could choose to either leave the tumor alone and let it shrink or have it out. I elected to let it shrink and go away. One year later, the "fibroadenoma" is 6 cm big and 4 cm wide. It is under my left arm. It is hard but seems to move but I'm not really sure. I went to a surgeon that I know well (I'm a nurse who works in the ER of a big teaching hospital) and asked him to remove the fibro. When I went to get my prelim mammogram and ultrasound, everyone kind of started freaking out. they asked me all kinds of questions like, are you on hormones, why didn't I remove the tumor, etc. I was then told that this was NOT a fibroadenoma and that it was an enlarged lymph node, or several clumped together. Then when I saw the surgeon, he said it was most likely a phyllodes neoplasm and probably benign, but that he couldn't rule out lymphoma until everything was biopsied after excision.

What scares me is that there are two different diagnoses. My symptoms are non-painful large lump in left axilla. I have a sore throat, fevers, itching, bad taste in mouth and back pain. I've had these since last year but no one seems to worry about it.

Has anyone had this situation? I'm not real trusting of biopsies because one has already been misread which was pointed out by the radiologist. I have symptoms that seem to point to lymphoma and phyllodes. Can anyone tell me where I might find more information? Thanks for listening,
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