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Pediatric Cancer List

     The list is a raw, unformatted list of all pediatric cancers that I found a reference to in my research.

Name Also Known As
Pediatric, adamantinoma
Pediatric, adenocarcinoma, ductal type
Pediatric, adenocarcinoma, fetal pulmonary
Pediatric, adenocarcinoma, infantile pancreatic
Pediatric, adenocarcinoma, prostatic
Pediatric, adenofìbroma, nephrogenic
Pediatric, adenosarcoma, Müllerian
Pediatric, ameloblastoma, malignant
Pediatric, angioendothelioma, endovascular papillary
Pediatric, angioleiomyosarcoma
Pediatric, angiomyxoma, aggressive
Pediatric, astrocytoma, anaplastic anaplastic glioma
Pediatric, astrocytoma, cerbral
Pediatric, astrocytoma, cerebellar cerebellar glioma
Pediatric, astrocytoma, thalamic/hypothalamic
Pediatric, basal cell cancer
Pediatric, bladder
Pediatric, blastoma, pleuropulmonary (PPB)
Pediatric, blastoma, pulmonary
Pediatric, borderline mucinous tumor
Pediatric, carcinoid, malignant
Pediatric, carcinoid, malignant, appendiceal
Pediatric, carcinoid, malignant, bronchial
Pediatric, carcinoid, malignant, oncocytic
Pediatric, carcinoid, malignant, prostate primary
Pediatric, carcinoma, abdominal-gastrointestinal & rectal
Pediatric, carcinoma, acinar cell
Pediatric, carcinoma, adenoid cystic
Pediatric, carcinoma, adrenal
Pediatric, carcinoma, adrenocortical
Pediatric, carcinoma, ameloblastic
Pediatric, carcinoma, bronchioloalveolar
Pediatric, carcinoma, bronchogenic
Pediatric, carcinoma, choroid plexus(CPC)
Pediatric, carcinoma, clear cell, eccrine hidradeno
Pediatric, carcinoma, colorectal
Pediatric, carcinoma, embryonal
Pediatric, carcinoma, hepatocellular carcinoma of the liver
Pediatric, carcinoma, mouth & tongue
Pediatric, carcinoma, mucoepidermoid
Pediatric, carcinoma, nasopharyngeal
Pediatric, carcinoma, penile
Pediatric, carcinoma, renal cell
Pediatric, carcinoma, serous epithelial
Pediatric, carcinoma, small cell w/hypercalcemia
Pediatric, carcinoma, squamous cell
Pediatric, carcinoma, thyroid
Pediatric, carcinoma, transitional cell
Pediatric, carcinoma, undifferentiated
Pediatric, carcinoma, undifferentiated, sinonasal (SNUC) anaplastic carcinoma/paranasal sinus
Pediatric, carcinoma, vaginal
Pediatric, carcinoma, yolk sac endodermal sinus tumor
Pediatric, chondrosarcoma
Pediatric, chondrosarcoma, extraskeletal myxoid
Pediatric, choriocarcinoma
Pediatric, choroid plexus tumor (CPTs)
Pediatric, craniopharyngioma
Pediatric, dermatofibrosarcoma protuberans
Pediatric, desmoid tumor fibromatosis
Pediatric, desmoplastic infantile ganglioglioma
Pediatric, dysembryoplastic neuroepithelial tumor (DNT)
Pediatric, endodermal sinus tumor
Pediatric, ependymoblastoma
Pediatric, ependymoma
Pediatric, Ewings sarcoma (PNET)
Pediatric, Ewing's sarcoma, extraosseous (EOE)
Pediatric, fallopian tube
Pediatric, fibroma, cardiac
Pediatric, fibroma, heart
Pediatric, fibrosarcoma
Pediatric, fibrosarcoma, congenital infantile
Pediatric, fibrosarcoma, congenital infantile (CIFS)
Pediatric, fibrous histiocytoma, malignant
Pediatric, ganglioglioma
Pediatric, ganglioglioma, desmoplastic infantile (DIS) desmoid tumor
Pediatric, ganglioneuroblastoma
Pediatric, ganglioneuroma
Pediatric, gastrointestinal autonomic nerve tumor
Pediatric, genitourinary tumor
Pediatric, germ cell tumor
Pediatric, germ cell tumor, central nervous system
Pediatric, germ cell tumor, ovarian
Pediatric, germinoma seminoma
Pediatric, glioblastoma multiforme
Pediatric, gliofibroma
Pediatric, glioma, brainstem
Pediatric, glioma, cervico-medullary cervico-medullary astrocytoma
Pediatric, glioma, diffuse pontine brainstem glioma
Pediatric, glioma, low grade grade I pilocytic astrocytoma
Pediatric, glioma, low-grade, cerebellar cerebellar low grad astrocytoma
Pediatric, glioma, optic pathway visual pathway glioma
Pediatric, glioma, tectal
Pediatric, gliomatosis cerebri
Pediatric, gonadoblastoma
Pediatric, granulosa cell tumor
Pediatric, hemangioendothelioma, epithelioid intravascular bronchoalveolar tumor
Pediatric, hemangiopericytoma (HPC)
Pediatric, hemangiopericytoma, renal
Pediatric, hemangiosarcoma
Pediatric, hepatic tumor
Pediatric, hepatoblastoma
Pediatric, Hodgkins disease
Pediatric, inflammatory myofibroblastic tumor (IMT)
Pediatric, juvenile granulosa-cell tumor
Pediatric, langerhans cell histiocytosis (LCH) (not cancerous)
Pediatric, leiomyosarcoma
Pediatric, leiomyosarcoma, superficial perineal
Pediatric, leukemia, acute lymphoblastic (ALL) acute lymphocytic leukemia; acute lymphoid leukemia
Pediatric, leukemia, acute myeloid (AML)
Pediatric, leukemia, acute non-lymphocytic (AnLL)
Pediatric, leukemia, chronic lymphocytic (CLL)
Pediatric, leukemia, chronic myelogenous (CML)
Pediatric, leukemia, lymphocytic
Pediatric, leukemia, myelogenous (nonlymphocytic), chronic juvenile
Pediatric, leukemia, myelomonocytic, chronic juvenile (JMML)
Pediatric, leukemias
Pediatric, leydig cell tumor
Pediatric, liposarcoma
Pediatric, lymphoma,lymphoblastic
Pediatric, lymphoma
Pediatric, lymphoma, primary renal
Pediatric, lymphoma, anaplastic large cell (ALCL)
Pediatric, lymphoma, angiocentric
Pediatric, lymphoma, bone
Pediatric, lymphoma, Burkitts
Pediatric, lymphoma, cutaneous (skin)
Pediatric, lymphoma, immunoblastic
Pediatric, lymphoma, large cell
Pediatric, lymphoma, malignant
Pediatric, lymphoma, non-hodgkin's (NHL) t-cell/b-cell
Pediatric, lymphoma, penile
Pediatric, lymphoma, t-cell lymphoblastic
Pediatric, malignant, bone
Pediatric, medulloblastoma
Pediatric, melanocytic tumor, central nervous system
Pediatric, melanocytic tumor, central nervous system
Pediatric, melanoma, malignant
Pediatric, melanoma, malignant, fetal
Pediatric, melanotic primitive ectodermal tumor/infancy (MNTI) melanotic progonoma
Pediatric, meningioma, malignant
Pediatric, mesenchymoma
Pediatric, mesothelioma/tunica vaginalis, malignant
Pediatric, myofibromatosis, infantile
Pediatric, myxoma, malignant Carney's syndrome
Pediatric, neoplasia, multiple endocrine
Pediatric, nephroma, mesoblastic
Pediatric, neuroblastoma (NBL)
Pediatric, neuroepithelial tumor, desmoplastic
Pediatric, neurofibroma, malignant
Pediatric, neurofibrosarcoma
Pediatric, neurogenic tumor
Pediatric, odontogenic tumor
Pediatric, oligodendroglioma
Pediatric, ossifying, renal tumor/infancy
Pediatric, osteosarcoma osteogenic sarcoma
Pediatric, other epithelial/unspecified neoplasm
Pediatric, ovarian tumor
Pediatric, pancreatic tumor
Pediatric, pancreatoblastoma infantile pancreatic adenocarcinoma
Pediatric, papilloma, choroid plexus CPP)
Pediatric, paraganglioma, malignant extra-adrenal pheochromo cytoma
Pediatric, paricardium neoplasm
Pediatric, pheochromocytoma, thyroid
Pediatric, pineoblastoma
Pediatric, primitive neuroectodermal tumors (PNET)
Pediatric, renin-secreting juxtaglomerular cell tumor
Pediatric, retinoblastoma
Pediatric, retinoblastoma, trilateral
Pediatric, rhabdoid tumor, malignant
Pediatric, rhabdomyosarcoma (RMS)
Pediatric, rhabdomyosarcoma, alveolar
Pediatric, rhabdomyosarcoma, botryoid
Pediatric, rhabdomyosarcoma, central nervous system
Pediatric, rhabdomyosarcoma, chest wall
Pediatric, rhabdomyosarcoma, paratesticular (PTR)
Pediatric, rhabdomyosarcoma, penile
Pediatric, salivary gland tumours
Pediatric, sarcoma, alveolar soft part
Pediatric, sarcoma, botryoides
Pediatric, sarcoma, clear cell
Pediatric, sarcoma, embryonal
Pediatric, sarcoma, epitheliod
Pediatric, sarcoma, granulocytic chloroma
Pediatric, sarcoma, soft tissue
Pediatric, sarcoma, stromal, ovarian
Pediatric, sarcoma, synovial
Pediatric, sarcoma, undifferentiated, embryonal (UES)
Pediatric, sarcoma, non-germinal
Pediatric, schwannoma, malignant
Pediatric, Sertoli cell tumor
Pediatric, skin tumor
Pediatric, small cell undifferentiated
Pediatric, small round cell tumor, desmoplastic
Pediatric, solid-pseudopapillary tumor Frantz tumor
Pediatric, spindle dpithelial tumor w/ thymus-Like differentiation SETTLE
Pediatric, stromatosis
Pediatric, subcutaneous tissue tumor
Pediatric, sympathetic nervous system
Pediatric, teratoma, immature
Pediatric, teratoma, infantile sacrococcygeal
Pediatric, teratoma, malignant
Pediatric, teratoma, malignant, pericardium
Pediatric, testicular tumor
Pediatric, thoracic tumor
Pediatric, thymoma, malignant
Pediatric, trophoblastic/gonadal
Pediatric, uterine
Pediatric, Wilms' tumor
Pediatric, xanthoastrocytoma, pleomorphic (PXA)
Pediatric, xeroderma pigmentosum