My journey with thr Renal cancer carcioma - chromophobe

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My journey with thr Renal cancer carcioma - chromophobe

Postby didsue » Mon Mar 04, 2019 7:00 am


I am a 35 year old mom with a beatiful and energetic 18 month old son.
I was diagnosed RCC stage 1 cancer from my annual visit.
I live in South Korea and most of employers provide a free annual check up for their employees.
I got mine thru my husband’s work. While the nurse ran an abdomen ultrasound she was a bit concerned
With 3inch sized cyst located in my left kidney and referred me to a urologist.
That was November of last year. The urologist wasn’t sure the cyst was a normal sac with fluid filled and ordered CT scan.
The visual scan wasn’t conclusive. And then he ordered a biopsy. At that point. I was doubtful with his medical experience
because I heard it’s very rare to run a biopsy in kidney. Not only that I was breastfeeding and told him I couldn’t
give up on that just because of a test. In the end, I compromised by having them poked my kidney without any anesthesia, and it was terrifying.
From all these tests, I sensed that something was wrong. I always felt tired and sweated at night but never thought it would have been a cancer. The biopsy result came back 4 weeks later. On the December 29th, My urologist told me it was a
cancer; chromophobe A very rare type of cancer..He said it’s not only rare type of cancer but also having a cancer at this early age us uncommon and that’s why he went thru a biopsy.
On January 16 2019, I had a partial nephrectomy and surgery went well.
Now I am still recovering but feel better than I used to. No sweat, but fatigue is still there with 18 month kid.
Looking back, I alway have wondered what caused this disease.. Genetic? or my diet?
I just have been searching for the anawer to have a sort of closure.. but in the end there is no such thing. I still need to go 5 year follow up. I am still at risk. I prayed to God and his answer to me was being grateful and not looking back. I know my next 5 year journey will be scary but God will be there as always..
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