Appendix Cancer - Pseudomyxoma peritonei - PMP

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Appendix Cancer - Pseudomyxoma peritonei - PMP

Postby stitch » Tue Apr 10, 2012 4:58 pm

Had Appendix out Sept.
2 weeks later called back in - found cancer on the outside 5ml spot - small.
Had a right hemi-colectomy in Nov to get lymph nodes out to determine if I had cancer in the body.
Found 2 ml spot of cancer in between the lymph nodes & bowl lining.
Lymph nodes all good.

Chemo followed for 6 mths.
All follow up appointments & tests followed etc.

Nov found shadows sitting on ovaries - Yes I am a woman :cheer:

Janurary had a laparoscopy to determine if I just needed a total hysterectomy or if it was something else with my history.
So they discovered that the 5 ml cancer had already spored in the abdominal cavity .... :shock:
Next week April 2012 I go in for a peritonectomy ... eeek
10 hour operation with 3 weeks in hospital .
I have been swimming & walking to strengthen muscles.
Eating a high protein meal to help organs.
Not much else I can do now but play the waiting game .....

Best way for me to deal with this is to look forward to a long break with
Free service, bed, food (when allowed) & all the drugs needed. :rolleyes:
The only thing the holiday brochure didn't mention, was all the pain associated with it along the way.

The worst thing for me is that last month March 2012
I flew home to NZ to say goodbye to my baby sister as she was passing away with secondry cancer from a mastectomy 11 years ago when she was 35.
I have to deal with that after my opp.
She passed away 4 days after I got back to Brisbane.
I have to deal with my health first & that makes me feel selfish :cry:
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Cancer Diagnosis: Appendix 2009 now 2012 Pseudomyxoma peritonei PMP
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