Jim my husband

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Jim my husband

Postby jimsrose » Fri Jun 17, 2011 6:48 am

Hello everyone, My husband Jim was just diagnosed in April of this year. It started many years ago with on and off abdominal pain. The doctors all said the pain was from diverticulitis, which is something he has, but we now suspect many times the pain was from carcinoid tumors which are slow growers. It started in the mesentery which is near the small intestine. He may have had this one for 10 or more years according to the research I have done. It was hard seeing him doubled over with pain in April and it was lasting so long, so we went to see the doctor and this time he was sent for a CT scan which showed a mass in the mesentery. We were completely shocked when the radiologist pointed to it on the film and said this should not be there. From there jim had a MRI, and a biopsy which both confirmed carcinoid cancer.

The oncologist started him on an injection he is supposed to get every 28 days called Sandostatin or generic Octreotide. He had the first one in May and his second one in June. These shots help with Carcinoid Syndrome which only a small percentage of people with carcinoid cancer gets. I can thankfully say this drug is helping so much. He has only very mild pain once in awhile and the fatigue has improved too. But it does wax and wane.

We are just beginning this journey and know he is in a tough battle. We see one of the best carcinoid specialists in the country in NYC on June 22 and are looking forward to getting his expert opinion. The doctors here where we live all said it is inoperable, but the specialist has performed surgery many times on many patients who were told this. So we have hope.

So this is where were at right now. I am looking forward to reading about everyones story here, and hopefully getting to know some of you. I will give an update when we get back from New York. If anyone wants to know more I will be glad to answer any questions. I am looking forward to receiving and giving some much needed support. My heart goes out to everyone here. God Bless, Debbie
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