Urethral Cancer - Squamous Cell

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Urethral Cancer - Squamous Cell

Postby millardr » Sun Jul 11, 2010 3:05 pm

I have found no mention of 'urethral cancer' on the forum so I will write a little blurb about my cancer.

I was diagnosed with very rare urethral cancer in August 2004 and underwent surgery, chemo and radiation. Everything went well and was 'free of cancer' (never free) UNTIL recently (1/2010). Came back at the exact same spot and I had to undergo very painful surgery again. Now they say I have to have chemo AGAIN since they believe it mestasized. I no longer can have radiation. So chemo was the only choice at this point. The doctor said it would take 6 cycles to make sure I was flushed out (my term for chemo). I am on my 5th out of 6 cycle of chemo. My CT scans show all is well. My doctor says I am doing very well and since I have held up so well with chemo they want to do 8 cycles !!! I am 65 and I don't feel like I am holding up enough to go through 8 !!!! I do have to admit that the drugs they give you today for sickness have really advanced since 2004. I am pretty much a sick zombie for a week after a chemo cycle and then I pull out until the next cycle (21 days). Thank you for reading my story . . . Richard
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