cancer on the peritonel lining

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cancer on the peritonel lining

Postby deb » Sat Apr 16, 2011 8:27 pm

Hi.. I have some questions ???? I would like to know if this has happen to you.
I have had the HIPC w/chemo surgery ( UCSD) in December 2009 when my CEA was 60.4 .... My lowest CEA was down to 8.0 in Feb 2010.... My CEA has been going up ever since then. Now I am 130.3 So far all my scans have come back clear . What do you make of this ? HUGS deb

Just a up date My cea is up in the 200's... Had a Mri and it was clear then I had a pet-ct scan and it shows that I have left lung cancer. Just to let anyone know that apendical cancer that turns into pertionel lining cancer can travel to you lungs . Now this is what they call rare.....
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