neuroendocrine pancreatic tumor-not excizable

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neuroendocrine pancreatic tumor-not excizable

Postby hutch » Wed Dec 24, 2008 2:41 pm

I recently went thru an attempted Whipple proceedure but the tumor could not be safely removed. My digestive system was system was rerouted around the affected organs, connected to the intestine, gall bladder removed and, now, good luck. Am on monthly octreotide injections to try to slow growth of tumor. But have off and on severe diarreha and can't gain weight despite hugh appetite.
Anyone like me? What to do? One Dr. suggested pancreatic enzyem pills. Also, I have heard about trials using the RAD001 drug to slow the tumor growth or even shrink it.
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Cancer Diagnosis: neuroendocrine pancreatic tumor
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