What next?

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What next?

Postby ChrisHok » Sun Nov 20, 2016 7:04 pm

In Oct. 2014, I had a major heart attack and went through emergency surgery to implant a stent so my heart could receive blood and to do some damage control. Anyway, three days after my cardiologist told me I was a heart attack survivor I was informed that I had an unknown cancer and was referred to a gynecological oncologist in a city 50 miles from home. Surgery was scheduled for a couple weeks later. Everything went fine and my Dr came to check things out the next day. It was then she told me she had removed all my female parts,.part of my colon and three tumors. The largest was (in her words) the size of a personal watermelon anf and the smallest a large navel orange. Over the next few days I had a bad allergic reaction to an antibiotic and was covered in a horrible rash. That night I suffered some crazy hallucinations. I ended up staying ten days in the hospital and was released to the care of my best friend. During my week long stay at her house, her husband decided he did not want me in his home. No problem there, I called my son to come and get me and take me home. My friend is a breast cancer survivor and she had wanted to go with me on my journey through chemo. The day before my first treatment she informed me she would not be there for my treatments and I was no longer welcome in her life. I felt completely alone and abandoned. I will share my experiences with chemo at another time. Thank you for being here and letting me vent.
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