Low Grade Adenocarcinoma Nasal - 1st Post

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Low Grade Adenocarcinoma Nasal - 1st Post

Postby S2sooner » Wed Aug 22, 2012 8:32 am

So here is my first post, new to cancer and this forum. Had some blockage in my right nostril that was driving me crazy so I went to an ENT (after 4-5 months of not being able to breathe very well). So they scan and see that I have polyps on both sides and blocking many of my sinus cavities. They recommend surgery and we get it scheduled. Surgery went great and I woke to a little soreness but the ability to breath normal again. Not even thinking anything else would come of it at my follow-up they tell me they sent some samples of tissue to the University of Vanderbilt. That got me a little curious but I thought, ah I'm young and healthy no worries. Then a week later I get the result, actually a teaser on Friday that I have cancer and need to see the ENT on Monday. That was a long and painful weekend full of racing ideas and notions about what was going to happen to me. But on Monday we met with the doctor and got the official word, a low-grade Adenocarcinoma tumor was in my right nostril. Calmed my fears of leaving this place and let me/us focus on thoughts of getting it treated etc. Since then it's been visits to an Oncologist that admitted he had never seen this before, and in the nasal passage and that there is a great Doctor at Vanderbilt that could see me. That appointment is tomorrow and I'm excited to see how and why I could have contracted this rare cancer type for this location. If more needs to be removed and what the next steps are is still yet to be determined but I'm focused on running the marathon and obtaining back that cancer free status. If that is possible. But here I am, that's my story. I've not worked in a leather factory or with wood, as research shows is most common. Instead I'm an office worker (boring), outdoor enthusiast (cave, ww kayak, backpacker, etc), 35 years old, happily married, and a little scared but up for the challenge.
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