Just recently diagnosed Neroendocrine tumor (carsoniod)

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Just recently diagnosed Neroendocrine tumor (carsoniod)

Postby CarolAnne » Mon Mar 07, 2011 11:26 am

My name is CarolAnne, i am Very new to any group like this but am also so thankful there are people out there who understand and may be able to help, and in the future I in return may be able to help someone.
I am 35, have had spinal issues for ten years now that has kep me out of work, and altho i have been sick many times in that time span, this time was very different.
I originaly got sick on the 14th but thought it to be somewhat like the flu, and was feeling better the the 16th of February sorry, But the night of the 16th and into the 17th it returned even worse and i went to the emergency room. They did a cat scan and found what they called enlarged Lymphnodes, and even witha strong medication of pain reducers, i still felt the pain in my stomach.
They admited me, and performed an endoscopy, a few days later my Dr called and said I have a rare type of cancer called Neuroendocrine Cancer in my stomache. The reports i picked up today listed that it is a Carsoniod tumor. I have been trying to reeasearch all of this the best to my ability but feel as if im going in circles.
I go to my First appoint ment next week at the University of PA to a Dr who specializes in this cancer,
I have a semi large family but they all cry when i try to talk to them, tell me they cany talk about it or think about it, and leave the room. I feel as if its just my thoughts an paper at this moment.
It is a very lonely, scary feeling, with many things i do not undertand, and hope to learn much, about the disease, myself and some of you if you are willing to chat with me. I thank you for your time. Smile.
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