Goblet Cell Carcinoid Tumour

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Goblet Cell Carcinoid Tumour

Postby Canadave » Mon Aug 09, 2010 9:45 am

I'm a 66 year old retired Canadian living on a lake in Ontario Canada. I had an emergency appendectomy on March 28 and the resulting pathology revealed a 1cm (stage 1) goblet cell carcinoid tumour near the top of the appendix but the local lymph nodes were clear. Because this is an aggressive form of cancer they recommended and I subsequently did have, a right hemicolectomy in which 14 local lymph nodes and about 1/3 of the large colon was removed. A very small tumour was found (about 30 mm) on the "stump" which is where the remains of the appendix was attached to the colon. Fortunately nothing was found on the lymph nodes or the removed part of the colon. So far so good. My concern is that the appendix had leaked, which caused an infection which caused the discomfort that resulted in my ending up at the emergency of Kingston General Hospital in Kingston Ontario where the appendix was removed at around 3:30 AM the following morning (March 29). I had a meeting with the surgeon (who coincidently was also an oncology surgeon who later ended up doing my hemicolectomy) a few weeks later at which point he told me that cancer cells would not have leaked from the appendix. About four weeks later, I had the hemicolectomy and then another four weeks later I had a follow-up meeting at which he inferred that a leakage WAS possible. At that meeting he said everything was great and that I would be having follow-ups every 6 months for a few years and then every year for probably the rest of my life. When I got home hours later from that meeting there was a message on the phone machine from the surgeon stating that he just had a meeting with the hospital's "tumour group" to see if they had any further recommendations and one of the oncologists said that "they" would like to meet with me to discuss the "pros and cons" of chemo. A local friend who recently was declared cancer free after a 15 year battle said that that's just code for they recommend it if only to cover themselves should I decide to forego chemo and the cancer returns. I required an appendectomy on March 29 in which the appendix had been leaking for who knows how long and I now have an appointment with an oncologist on August 11. That means there's a time span of roughly 5 months from the leak to seeing an oncologist for an aggressive tumour. Call me silly and picky but isn't that a huge amount of time to see a specialist about an aggressive cancer. That's a goverment health system for you. My guess is that in the U.S. I would have been talking to an oncologist within days but that will now change since the U.S. is getting radical socialism rammed down their throats. I'm thinking of calling a U.S. Cancer hospital in Syracuse which is only 2 hours away to see if I can quickly find out the nature of what I have. Any input folks?

I had my first appointment with an oncologist on Wednesday August 11. She told me that she had conferred with oncologists in Buffalo NY and London Ontario who are experts in my form of cancer. All three agreed that I should have chemo since it was determined that when my appendix was cut off, the surgeon actually likely cut through the tumour in the appendix which would have exposed it to the abdominal cavity. This was definitely not incompetence on the part of the surgeon as he was only performing a normal appendectomy. Cancer was found in the subsequent pathology. Pathology is always done on a removed appendix because there’s a 1 in 300 chance that it could contain one of a large number of possible cancers. Unfortunately mine was an extremely rare form of which only 600 cases have been found world-wide. Eat your heart out ... I’m a very special guy. There was also the possibility if not probability that when the appendix initially leaked which ultimately caused the inflammation that caused the discomfort that resulted in the appendectomy, cancer cells could have leaked into the abdominal cavity. An article I found on-line described the possibility of leakage as having a “propensity” to leak cancer cells which I think is a very strong word. My form is called Goblet Cell Carcinoid Tumour which is an aggressive form. “Aggressive” was described by my oncologist as meaning a high likelihood to recur (42% from what I’ve read). If it does then I’ll be going to Buffalo to get chemotherapy that involves filling up my abdomen with the stuff and letting it slosh around for a several hours. I don’t know how many sessions would be required for that one. I’ll be starting chemo at the end of this month and will involve a session every two weeks for six months. The first time if not for all sessions, requires me to be hooked up to the chemo by I.V and a pump and then go home. A nurse will come to the house after 24 hours to remove it. Because of the aggressive nature, I will be checked up initially with a CT Scan etc. every six months for at least a few or several years and then for the rest of my life on a regular basis whatever that means. Perhaps on an annual basis. I consider this to be a plus since who knows what the future holds for anyone of us but at least I’ll be closely monitored for a number of possibilities beyond this cancer.

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