Anal Cancer - Squamous Cell - HPV related

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Anal Cancer - Squamous Cell - HPV related

Postby ACW189 » Wed Jan 06, 2010 9:27 am

Good Morning,
My story is not much different than many (thousands) of others with a diagnosis of this rare cancer. I, like some of you, went for a routine colonoscopy following some rectal bleeding (thought to be a hemorrhoid). I am an active 54 year old mother of two beautiful young adults and married 30 years. I was fortunate in that the cancer was early stage (Stage I NOMO - no metastisis or lymph nodes). I was told it was HPV related (even though I had only 3 sex partners in my life and had none of the other risk factors) but I had to really push for HPV testing. I had day surgery to remove a small tumor and 2 other small lesions which tested negative for cancer but positive for dysplasia. As a result of the invasive nature I continued with standard treatment - 5 1/2 weeks of radiation (5040 cGY in 28 fractions to anal canal and 45 Gy to regional nodes) and 2 cycles of 5Fu and mitomycin-C. I worked full time through the second week of treatment and then part time @ home for the duration.

Treatments were completed in May 09. One week after radiation was completed I ended up in the hospital with severe neutropenia, a UTI and proctitis. This resolved in about two weeks and I went back to work part time until July when I started back full time. I have healed well but have a few lingering issues with muscle fatigue and some hip/back pain. Physical therapy, yoga and stretching help. I also have recurrent bowel issues (narrow/frequent/mucous) and some weird vaginal sticky discharge... :shock: Careful watching of diet, hydration, exercise and sleep have helped. The most significant issue has been the development of an anal abscess and subsequent fistula (4-5 months post treatment) which required minor surgery to correct.

I have to say, with all the minor post treatment bumps, my recovery has been pretty well. I am scared about recurrence and every follow up visit brings new fears. I was diligent about research - all the websites - and still am. I get copies of all the progress notes from doctor visits, CT scans and labs.

In December I received the thumbs up (NED -- not sure what that means) and I continue to do follow up for the fistulotomy (just to be sure no more abscesses/fistulas develop). I have visits scheduled every three months and another set of labs and a CT scan scheduled for June 2010 (these have been every six months since treatment ended).

I wish you all the best in your journey through this god awful thing called anal canal cancer.
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Re: Anal Cancer - Squamous Cell - HPV related

Postby sharon » Thu Jan 21, 2010 4:42 pm

I have placed this on the main website here:
--> HPV-related Anal Squamous Cell

If you have any changes or additions to your story, please post a reply to this topic and I will make those changes ASAP.

: thanks :
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