Rare & Pediatric Cancer Support
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The Rare Cancer Alliance is a 100% volunteer organization. And I have to admit that it is hard to keep volunteers helping, so the majority of the time, I do most of the work myself.  I could sure use your help!  If you are a rare cancer survivor, parent of a pediatric cancer patient, a loved one, or just someone who cares; PLEASE consider volunteering some of your time. As a volunteer, you may choose the areas that you are interested in:

Communicate With Us for the purpose of developing a quality organization that will be able to help others efficiently. Let us know what is lacking or needs improvement.

Contact Us if you would like to volunteer or or change your volunteer status.

Donate Your Time or Services by searching through our list of needs on the Donate Services page.

Gather Information or Resources on a particular pediatric or rare adult cancer and send it to us.  We are always looking for more resources.

Greet New Patients or parents of patients, who have been recently diagnosed with your (or your child's) cancer.

Participate In The Forums so that those who are seeking others with their (or their child's) particular cancer can find you through the Seeking Others venue.

Become A Forum Moderator and support others with your rare cancer.  Visit our Forums (click the link above) and read the Welcome section.

Share Your Experiences with your own cancer journey with others. This will not only help them to learn new information, but will let them know that someone else has traveled the road ahead of them. The value of this act is priceless.