Dedifferentiated liposarcoma

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Dedifferentiated liposarcoma

Postby DaddysGirl » Thu Feb 07, 2013 7:30 am

After discovering a mass on his kidney, and subsequent right neprectomy and removal of one enlarged lymph node (both malignant), we have just dicovered that my father has cancer. Originally we were prepared for sarcomatoid renal cell carcinoma--his doctor told us to prepare for the worst because of the presence of spindle cells--and I can honestly say that last week was the worst of my life. Sarcomotoid would have been really bad. Yesterday, we were informed--after second opinion on the pathology--that the cancer is actually a dedifferentiated liposarcoma, not even a kidney cancer. Still cancer, still in the lymph system, but the outcomes are looking so much better now. I am overly relieved. On the other hand, this type of cancer is so rare that there seems to be very little information on it available online, and much of what I have found is contradicting. I am searching for treatment methods, mortality rates, case studies, best centers for treament, and overall just what we can expect. Anyone out there know anything about this type of cancer? Thank you in advance....
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Cancer Diagnosis: Dedifferentiated liposarcoma
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Re: Dedifferentiated liposarcoma

Postby arslan » Thu Apr 24, 2014 2:22 am

Hello. My father is diagnosed of Dedifferentiated liposarcoma this February 2014.It all started with a lump on right side of his chest.At first, it did'nt feel painful at all but then it started to pain when pressed.Then we consulted a surgeon and he performed surgery to remove the lump mass and upon the biopsy it was revealed that it is Dedifferentiated liposarcoma. Then Immunohistochemaical Stains was recommended by the doctor. The results were:
S100: Negative
EMA: Negative
Desmin: Negative
SMA: Negative
MDM2: Positive in tumor cells
Then a oncologist recoomended CT scan and Ultrasound. These two tests were cleared and the oncologist said that now patient needs a little operation and then he is fine and will not need Radiations or Chemotherapy. But when the operation was performed and again Specimen sent for biopsy the report was:
Correlation with previous histological reports advised. S100, SMA, Desmin and CD30 are recommended for
further pathological evaluation and definitive diagnosis.

Now the oncologist requested for CD30 test only and we are now waiting for its result.
As I am not a medicine student, I want to know if this is curable and at what stage the cancer is??
Any word of help will be appreciated...
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Cancer Diagnosis: Liposarcoma
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