Digital papillary adenocarcinoma

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Digital papillary adenocarcinoma

Postby geoff57 » Thu Nov 03, 2011 1:08 pm

Hi all,
New to this site! Really wish i had no need!!! My names Geoff , 54 from the UK, I have had a Digital papillary adenocarcinoma removed from my left middle finger tip, my GP doctor thought it was a ganglion that had re occurred from 7 years ago??? Once removed my surgeon was very suspicious and thankfully sent it away for further tests!! When the results came back they had no idea what it was, or what they were up against and a treatment !!! My plastic surgeon wanted to open the site and remove as much as possible?? Having already looked at the cases from around the world i insisted on the amputation!!! Told them take the finger, hand or arm!!!! but let me live!!!! The finger tip has been removed 6 weeks ago, 8mm of clear tissue, no regrets!!
My main problem now only 6 other cases in the UK ,( hope im lucky 7.) and the doctors seem not to sure how to follow up, i have been told to return in 12 weeks time for what seems to be an inspection?? also been told to watch out for any strange lumps on my left arm???
Having read what little info available on this type of cancer it would seem to have a 50% re occurrence rate so not sure if i have just had the 2nd tumour removed or the first as the ganglion from 7 years ago may not have been a ganglion?? some people post the need for bone scans?? I know the lungs is important to be X rayed, my major fear is the small amount of cases in the UK and some thing being missed as an early indicator that needs urgent attention !!! Thats not to say i dont have faith in my medical team, they have been great, it just seems like they quote me the internet i read the night before :(
Any input much appreciated , trying to build a picture for myself as to what if any treatments available.
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