Can't Login?

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Can't Login?

Postby sharon » Fri Nov 03, 2006 6:54 pm

I have put together a video presentation with specific instructions on logging in. You can view the video here:
--> Login Video Tutorial

If after following the instructions on it, you still cannot login, you may want to consider one of these items:

During your registration process you were given directions for becoming and remaining a member of the forums. This information is repeated in the Welcome email that was sent to you, after filling in the registration form. If you did not receive the Welcome email, then you may want to look in your Spam or Bulk mail folders. I am making an assumption, in these instructions, that new members can remember their registered Username and Password. The most common login problems are listed below.

If you are a newly registered member:

1. You did not wait long enough. The agreement and validation form clearly state that it can take some time to activate your account. On weekends and holidays, it will take longer. I am only one person doing a great deal of work!

2. You do not meet membership requirements. Your cancer might be a common cancer type or you are not a patient or immediate relative (parent, child, spouse, sibling).

3. You did not follow the guidelines in the registration process when entering your diagnosis date and a little about your diagnosis. This information is absolutely necessary for me to insure that you are not just a spammer. Simply restating your diagnosis is not enough!

4. You did not post an introduction in the first 7-14 days of your membership. This lack of action would put you in our 'inactive' membership category. I remove accounts, periodically, that are in this category.

If you are an existing forum member:

1. You did not post within the first 30 days of your membership, as required for continued forum use. Please re-register and post an introduction to become an active member of the forums.

2. You have forgotten your login password. If this is true, please click on the "I forgot my password" link on the Login screen.

3. Your account may have been removed for non-compliance with the forum Rules and Guidelines, as agreed to in your registration form. Review them here:
--> Rules and Guidelines

4. Your account may have been removed because your email address is inactive. When the monthly newsletter is published, I often get bounced email error messages that tell me that this email account has been deleted or removed. If this is true, your account on the forums will also be removed. Please re-register, re-validate, and post an introduction to become an active member of the forums..

I hope that this answers all of your login issues.
Take Care, Sharon - Administrator
This post should not be considered medical advice. Review all information with your doctor.
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