Rare Pediatric Cancer Support
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This website has taken well over years of work for me to accomplish and I keep adding and developing pages.  Along the way I have met some wonderful people that I need to thank.

First, I have to thank is Robin Britton.  Even though her life is busy, she found the time to help me by authoring the Finding Support page of this website.  Thank you so much, it meant a lot to me to know that I wasn't doing this alone.

Thank You to each and every one of our volunteers who offered to be a Moderator for the people on our forums with rare cancers  Your selflessness is incredible!  While cancer is affecting your own lives, you have found the spirit to give to others.  I am sure those seeking support from this website also thank you.

Thanks to those of you who allowed me to link to your personal websites.  A special thanks to the medical professionals who authored pages for particular rare cancers.  And to those of you who have allowed links to your medical practices.  I sincerely hope that your efforts will help to persuade other professionals who treat rare cancers to do the same.  We would welcome their contributions and involvement.  

And I must thank the people at all of the libraries I visited (sometimes lived in) to do research for these pages.  The library system in the US, both public and medical, is a great resource.  Also, I need to thank the larger organizations who allowed me to link to their websites.  They include:

American Cancer Society

National Cancer Institute

National Organization of Rare Diseases

Lastly, and most importantly, let me thank all of you.  It will be your continued support and volunteerism that will keep this website evolving into a very useful tool for the newly diagnosed.   And hopefully, your research donations, that will help us find ways to help those affected by rare cancers live long, healthy, happy lives