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Administator(s) - What They Do.

PostPosted: Sun Dec 21, 2003 10:43 pm
by sharon
The Administrator of these forums are responsible for:

It would be easy to say that this person is the chief cook and bottle washer, but that would be too easy!


1. Complete website and database maintenance, including upgrades, modifications, and backups.

2. Keep the forum(s) viable, active and alive. Through their own participation, they set the tone and style of their respective forum(s).

3. Assume the role of Moderator on Forums where none is available and coordinate/supervise Moderator activity where one is available.

4. Review the posts on all forums for content.

5. Delete or edit posts that are a violation of the Forum Rules & Guidelines and possibly remove the member from the forums.

6. Help forum members find research information about their particular cancer diagnosis; in the form or a link to a credible Cancer website; an excerpt from a research abstract or paper, including a link to the actual document; or an excerpt of a journal article, with publication information references.

7. And generally, anything else that needs to be done!


1. Validate a user's membership to the forums, prior to their participation.

2. Delete or edit posts that go against the Forum Rules & Guidelines.

3. Edit posts that contain profane language not caught by our profanity filter, or that are insulting and degrading to fellow board members.

4. Remove any users who are posting spam, inflammatory comments, profanity, acting inappropriately, or disrupting rather than contributing to the forum(s).