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Hurthle Cell Carcinoma

PostPosted: Mon Jan 04, 2016 9:56 pm
by LynneM
Hi, I am a 63 years old and female. I have had 2 thyroid operations, once in 2000 and the second 2011 to remove the other 1/2 of my thyroid. This should have all been removed the first time as I had nodules in both sides.
In 2000 and 9 years later the cancer had broken out of the second half through the thyroid and into my body.
I still have trouble dealing with this and take medication for depression and have had counselling.
My anger with the surgeon has now abated although if he had taken out the full thyroid I would not have cancer now. I do have
trouble every few months when my thyroid meds seem to go out of whack and my body tells me there is something wrong. I used to go into
full on panic attacks going to my Dr's all the time demanding blood tests to check my levels. I still get scared easily when I get sick thinking this is it. lol
I do keep busy and try to control how I feel but sometimes it just gets to me. I feel like I am a walking time bomb.