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need help ,info

PostPosted: Fri Jul 30, 2010 8:48 pm
by Daddy4wheeling6
first off i want say hi! to any or everyone ive ever talked to on here and thanks for all the comfort and support ive recieved over the past two years. im alive and kicking and intend on staying that way for as long as possible.enough about me and my journey with cancer, ive come to find info and any thing anyone can tell me about myeloma cancer. my 78 year old mother was just diagnosed with it .weve been told chemo is her only option. problem is over past few years shes had other heath issues that have left her so weak dr. says chemo will probably kill her before cancer does .she has already let it be known she will not go through chemo. for my cancer,adenoid cystic carcinoma i did not have to have chemo, as my drs said it would have no effect. i had surgery and 38 radiationtreatments a few months later not an option for her.i cant share with her what chemo was like but we have heared some horror stories. does any one know of other treatments or where i can find info on this cancer thank u daddy4wheeling6