Contact me if you have Small Cell Cancer of the Kidney

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Contact me if you have Small Cell Cancer of the Kidney

Postby malisu1255 » Thu Apr 24, 2008 12:42 pm

I have been diagnosed with small cell cancer of the kidney. I'm told this type of cell is the type found in lung cancer and is extremely rare in the kidney. I've done internet research and cannot find any current statistics. The left kidney and ureter have been removed and microscopic cells were found in 2 of the 9 ymph nodes removed. I will start chemo on 4-30 with cisplatin and etopocide. 4 sessions of 3 consecutive days, every 3rd week. I would like to talk to someone who had the same diagnosis.

Postby hummingbird » Tue Apr 29, 2008 3:21 am

I don't know if mine was small cell cancer. My ACC was found in my lung in Feb. 2008. What I can find say's that ACC usually is found in salivary glands and can mestasize to th lungs. I've never had any problems with my salivary glands.

I too was told this was a rare cancer. I had my complete left lung removed on 2-14-08 and am currently taking radiation treatment. I am scheduled for six weeks of radiation. Today my 1st week is over.

The dr. told me out of 17 lymph nodes (4) of them had caner cells.
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Postby Beauchev » Mon Jul 21, 2008 10:35 am

My partner has small cell cancer which started in the rectum and has spread to the liver and lungs and now the lymph nodes. Carboplatin/VP16 was the first regimen they tried, ........disease progressed...they switched to Etoposide..........disease progressed. Few options left outside of clinical trials at this point and time is not on our side. If you've only had one chemo regimen, go for the clinical trial of either Amrubicin or the Phase One trial of SVV-001 (Seneca Valley Virus). Do it now, don't wait for results, time is of the essence and if your oncologist has already tried more than one regimen, you will find it difficult to get into any meaningful clinical trials. DO IT NOW.

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