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Colon/Liver Cancer

PostPosted: Wed Apr 11, 2012 5:33 am
by michael1949
Was diagnosed in 08 with colon cancer,surgery Feb 09, with ileoscomy.Felt my life was over. Job gone, friends desserted me.Had 5 prolapses that year,moved to avoid rediquel to accross the state.Later that year, from Pet scan , found I had agressive small cell live cancer, and maybe 6 months to live.
Already have Panic disorder and with the new cancer had 5 sugeries and 2 radiation in 2011, to clear over 14 tumors, also 2 in the pelvic area.I f it could go wrong, it did.
With the last MRI, they told me I have MS, 8 lessions on back vertabrae.I have no one to help me, and will see my new PC next week to see if he can give me a little guidance.It costs a lot to fight cancer and with little money, it is difficult.
With my energy being low, from all the surgeies last year, I am doing nothing to fight, and hope that changes.I have asked for help and it is usaully you have a little more money than you should to qualify,and by many standards,even this PC should go.I must wait to get back some energy to fight again,and will try to see what others have done.