Anal Canal Carsinoma/mets in lung and liver

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Anal Canal Carsinoma/mets in lung and liver

Postby lacer00 » Wed Oct 05, 2011 8:35 pm

I was diagnoised with Anal Canal Carsinoma stage 3b in june of 2009. After surviving the initial treatment I was clear for 6 months then spots started showing up in lungs. A few months later it showed in my liver. I went through 5 rounds of chemo and the last one was very hard on my body. The lungs were clear but the liver still had two spots. I had Radio Frequency Ablation on the two liver spots. Well I think that made my cancer mad because it is already back. In the lungs and liver. I tried Xeloda and that didn't work. so Now I am waiting fofr my dr to talk with the Drs at MD Anderson and see what the suggest to do next. Does any one have any suggestions. I have been through 5FU mytimicin and 5FU Cicsplaton. Thanks

Nov 7 2011

Update. The tumor on my liver is cause pain because it is up againt some nerves. The tumor is so close to the stomach they don't want to do anything to it so they are going to deaden the nerves. Then they are going to start me on irinotecan. Has anyone else been on this chemo treatment?

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