Phyllodes Tumour

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Phyllodes Tumour

Postby Joanne1968 » Fri Apr 16, 2010 9:38 am

I first found one lump and this was taken out in a lumpectomy. They originally told me that it was likely to be a fibroidema but turned out to be a benign phyllodes tumour so I was booked in for a second surgery to obtain clear margins. In the meantime, another lump grew on the other side. I asked for this one to be cut with a wide local excision which they did when doing the second operation. This second lump turned out to be a benign phyllodes too. Was amazed when I went to see the consultant after my surgery though as he said that when they were performing the second surgery they found a third lump on the original side that was very small and so took this with wide margins too and it turned out to be a third benign phyllodes - All within the space of afew months!! Have now been discharged from hospital and only supposed to go back for annual screening but must say with so many lumps growing I am concerned that it will not be that long before I end up back at the hospital - has anyone had a similar experience?
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