small cell neuorendocrine cancer

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small cell neuorendocrine cancer

Postby KarenW » Wed Apr 07, 2010 6:26 am

My husband Mike was diagnosed with metastatic cancer of the liver in April 2008. After several weeks of tests his cancer was termed "unknown primary source". The pathology report described the liver sample as poorly differentiated carcinoma, small-cell, with neuroendocrine features. We were told that the liver was completely engulfed by three large masses defined only as Stage 4, which to me at that time meant that it was too far gone to do much.
Mike went through 38 rounds of chemotherapy with almost no side-effects except fatigue. The three liver tumors were reduced in size to the size of walnuts, making him eligible for Cyberknife radiation. After a two month battle with insurance (ending with review by the CA Dept. of Insurance), our insurance plan approved the treatment. Just before his cyberknife treatment date, a second tumor was found in the pons (brainstem). That tumor was reduced in size by steroids, and he had radiation to that site and prophyllactic radiation to his entire brain.
In July 2009 he had five days of Cyberknife radiation to the liver cancers, followed by Cyberknife radiation of the brainstem site in September 2009. He is termed free of active cancer at this time - and both his oncologists are calling him their "success story". He is currently on pain medication and having physical therapy twice a week due to a pinched (or damaged?) nerve, but is slowing improving from the pain and hoping to return to part-time work in a few months. I am worried about the chance of recurrance, but Mike is still here with me, and every day is precious. So far he has no sign of long-time effect of treatment other than fatigue and his mysterious nerve problem. So never give up hope when doctors say there is a chance of success with new treatment!
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Cancer Diagnosis: neuroendocrine small cell cancer (unknown origin)
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