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Cancer Causes

Even though certain viruses may predispose a person toward cancer, it cannot be acquired by mere human contact.  I have included a list of widely accepted causes and risk factors for cancer, that I found during my research for this website.  Keep in mind that I am neither a scientist nor a health professional. If I have omitted/included a major risk factor that is inaccurate, please inform me for the benefit of everyone using this website.

Cancer is caused by a number of variants; of which one, some, or all can be present.  I will list the most widely accepted theories and links to websites that will go more in-depth in explaining them:

» Damaged DNA

» Gene mutation – either inherited or acquired

» Proto-oncogenes turned ‘on’ tumor suppressor genes turned ‘off‘

Read more on this topic at these websites:

NCI - gene alterations and cancer.

NCI/CGAP - The cancer genome anatomy project.

The Doctor's Lounge - cancer biology FAQ's.

Carcinogens That May Cause DNA Mutation


Ionizing radiation

Ultraviolet radiation

Mineral fibers


Aflatoxin (fungi)

Arsenic (ground water)

Asbestos (building materials)

Benzene (plastics & rubber manufacturing, paints, resins, etc.)

Benzopyrene (cigarette smoke, coal tar, incomplete combustion)

Butadiene (burning tires)

Dioxins (combustion processes)

Nitrosamine (cigarette smoke, rubber manufacturing, traces in some foods)

Polycyclic (aromatic) hydrocarbons (incomplete burning of coal, oil and gas, garbage, tobacco, forest fires, or charbroiled meat)

Radon (ground, water, and air-born) see map at: EPA Radon Map

Vinyl Chloride (plastics industry)



HPV - Human Papilloma Virus

HTLV-I - T-cell Lymphyocytic Virus- I

HIV - Human Immunodeficiency


Helicobacter Pylori

Further Resources

A complete list of occupational carcinogens can be found at the NIOSH site.  Or you can peruse the links at the OSHA site for further carcinogen information.  It has a list of known risk factors that you may be able to avoid.  Since the majority of you reviewing this website already have a diagnosis of cancer, you may feel it would not be worth your time to review the risk factors for cancer.  I want to point out, in my personal experience, I have known many people with 2 or 3 different types of cancer, acquired at different times in their lives.  My personal belief is that it is never too late to change your lifestyle and your habits.